Rams Hill Golf Club: A Bucket List Course

Rams Hill Golf Club is a meticulously maintained, stunning desert golf experience in the heart of northeastern San Diego County. In fact, the Tom Fazio-designed course has been recognized from Golf Digest as one of America’s 100 Greatest Public Golf Courses.

Whether you’re playing from the challenging 7,232-yard tips, more forgiving 5,037 reds, or noteworthy combo sets (gold/blue, blue/white, white/red), Rams Hill offers a uniquely spectacular bucket list-worthy opportunity for players of all skill levels.

The golf course layout offers an ideal mix of unfolding enjoyment with a breathtaking desert landscape, creating a picturesque backdrop for a premier golf experience in San Diego County. From elevated tees with panoramic views to valleys that require strategic shot placement, Fazio’s ability to incorporate the natural terrain with significant elevation shifts allows you to take in the mountain vistas and enjoy the endless beauty surrounding the report—all less than two hours from the San Diego and Palm Springs international airports.

From City to Serenity – The Scenic Drive

The sprawling journey to Rams Hill can be as much a part of the golf destination experience as the time on the course. While a two-hour drive from San Diego might sound a bit intimidating, seeing this scenic route will remove any hesitation. As you leave the busy city in your rearview mirror, you’ll quickly find yourself among the lesser-known but equally captivating parts of San Diego County.

The exciting drive takes you from the sandy beaches of Torrey Pines up through the tree-rich Cleveland National Forest before going down into the sprawling desert through the Anza-Borrego Desert State Park, revealing three of San Diego’s distinct ecosystems.

East County San Diego: A Scenic Route

Driving through East County San Diego, you’ll be greeted by a towering mountain landscape that showcases the region’s natural beauty. The tranquil environment and scenic views make the drive a serene escape from the urban noise. This part of the journey is a reminder of the diverse landscapes that San Diego has to offer far beyond its famous coastline.

The mountainous terrain and winding roads offer a driving experience that can be peaceful or exhilarating. The natural beauty of East County San Diego is often overlooked, but it adds exceptional value to the overall experience of visiting Rams Hill Golf Club.

Julian: A Quaint Stop Along the Way

On your way to Rams Hill, consider stopping in Julian, a quaint mountain town beloved for its famous pies, local breweries, and great food. Founded in 1870, Julian offers an exquisite taste of San Diego’s cultural history and culinary heritage.

Julian’s small-town charm is perfect for a mid-journey break. Enjoy a meal at one of the local restaurants, treat yourself to a slice of their renowned apple pie, or tour a former gold mine at the Eagle Mining Co. As an official California Historical Landmark (No. 412), Julian’s character and welcoming ambiance make it a memorable stop on your way to Rams Hill.

The Desert Landscape: A Stunning Arrival

As your journey beyond the mountains continues, the scenery transitions from tall green trees to the vast, breathtaking desert landscape. The vivid rainbow of native wildflowers and the stark beauty of the sprawling desert evoke a natural sense of calm before the adventure as you get closer to Rams Hill. Once you arrive, you’re greeted by the low desert’s complete scenery of natural flora and fauna that architect Fazio brilliantly incorporated into 18 truly breathtaking holes.

Hole 17 at Rams Hill Golf Club with the desert landscape and mountains in the background.

Stay and Play: Extend Your Adventure

As a bona fide golf destination, Rams Hill Golf Club offers more than a few hours on the course with world-class stay-and-play options.

A night at Rams Hill means experiencing some of the world’s best stargazing opportunities with cloud-free skies and zero light pollution. As part of an international dark sky community and the first of its kind in California, Rams Hill offers unpolluted skies for an unparalleled stargazing experience. Whether you’re an amateur astronomer or someone who simply appreciates an unrivaled view of our universe, the night sky at Rams Hill is a sight to behold.

The rewarding journey through San Diego and the memorable golf experience that awaits make Rams Hill Golf Club a destination worth the drive. From the scenic route through East County San Diego to the charming stop in Julian and the stunning desert landscape, every aspect of this trip is designed to delight. With some of the most accessible green fees for any Fazio-designed course, it’s an easy decision to add Rams Hill Golf Club to your bucket list and experience one of the finest golf courses San Diego County has to offer. Book the round of a lifetime or a memorable stay-and-play package today to discover why Rams Hill is a standout among San Diego’s best golf courses.

The House on the Hill at Rams Hill Golf Club overlooking the 15th fairway with the Anza-Borrego desert mountains in the background.