Rams Hill: A Story of Renaissance, A Journey to Excellence.

Rams Hill is a truly unique course that is beyond compare. Each Rams Hill hole overlooks the mesmerizing Anza-Borrego desert floor below and is backdropped by the breathtaking Santa Rosa Mountains. However, few realize that the award-winning course that many enjoy today was the result of a long, hard-fought, and determined journey of rebirth to become the best.

Shortly after the 2009 financial crisis, the Rams Hill golf course became yet another victim of the crashing US economy; unable to continue operations, Rams Hill closed its doors to regroup and in doing so lost its only source of water.

From 2010 until 2014 the course had no source of water and the course became an empty shell of its former glory. During this time over 360 non-native trees died and the course literally joined the desert, lacking water, grass, or any means of sustenance.

In 2014, it was time… Through careful planning and thoughtful execution, Rams Hill secured ample irrigation water from 6 native wells – none of which are overdrawn. New seed was planted and Rams Hill invested in pure and perfect bentgrass greens. The native trees that survived without irrigation became celebrated centerpieces of the course.

Legendary architect and golf course designer Tom Fazio heartily embraced the blank canvas he was offered, “Golf courses should reflect the natural beauty of their environments…Rams Hill is one of the most amazing pieces of desert real estate I have ever been able to design.”

 Rams Hill Tee Off Santa Rosa Mountains Golf Borrego Springs CA

Tod Leonard, of the San Diego Union-Tribune said it best, when he wrote the following about the rebirth of Rams Hill:

The $22 million golf course was spectacular in every way – a beautiful, playable challenge. There were old-growth pine trees sprinkled among cactus and desert scrub brush. The holes rolled up and down in the hills, and the golf was fun, not tricked up – the bane of many desert courses. The views and scenery were as good as anything you get in the Coachella Valley…it’s a thrill to report that the golf course is back, once again named Rams Hill.

And this time, it’s a public course, so all golfers will have a chance to get a crack at a very special track.

“I’m standing here looking out at the first fairway and 18th green, and it’s gorgeous,” head pro Rick Sprouse, the former director of golf at the Borrego Springs Resort, said on the phone last week.

It’s in pristine condition now.

When Tod Leonard asked Bill Berkley about the commitment to restore Rams Hill to the premiere course that it is today, Berkley replied, “It’s just a very, very special place. If you play golf here, especially at dusk, and you look up at the shadows on the mountains, it’s such a beautiful backdrop. When I leave San Diego, I want to get out of the city and put that in my rear view mirror. Borrego gives you that. It’s those things, combined with a fabulous golf course that I think is one of the best in San Diego County.”

Rams Hill Now

Today, the raw landscape is alive with the sounds of a nearby streams, the croaking frogs, a screeching red tail hawk, and the howl of a distant coyote.

You can watch the shadows slowly work their way across the desert floor, creep up the distant craggy mountains and suddenly disappear. Then the night emerges with incredible star studded skies and a milky white moon shinning over the lakes. But it’s primarily about the ever changing evening light: the transitions from powder blues, to rich purples and then to glowing reds; and watching the clouds cast their shadows on the dappled mountain hillsides far off in the distance.

Rams Hill is proud of this journey, this renaissance, this rebirth – and with the lessons of the past, it is armed with a knowledgeable resolve and commitment to ensure continued sustainability through:

  • 6 new wells
  • 3.5 acre solar farm
  • Reduced energy costs by over $400,000 per year
  • Bio-retention basins that capture stormwater and percolate into the aquifer
  • Member of the International Dark Sky Community to preserve the night sky views

Discover the beauty, the serenity, the uniqueness that is Rams Hill.

Today, Rams Hill is an Award-Winning, Premiere Golf Course