The Course

2 06, 2019

Summer Maintenance

2019-05-31T17:19:14+00:00June 2nd, 2019|

By Jose Verduzco, Golf Course Superintendent The grounds crew took a break from landscape cleanup and tree trimming to aerify the greens. Both the ground and air temperatures are ideal for fast recovery on Bentgrass. Aerifying greens will help the greens' roots grow, release toxic gases into the turf, help with mechanical and foot compaction as well as remove organic build-up that can potentially create disease in the plant. Quarter inch tines are used to aerify the greens this time of year. Although the procedure might look invasive, the use of these tines maintains a consistent ball roll on the putting surface. Once done prepping greens for the summer stress, the team will continue with course clean up and prep work for the 2019/2020 season. Thank you and have a great summer! Jose

6 05, 2019

Congratulations to Our Sweepstakes Winner!

2019-05-06T21:14:46+00:00May 6th, 2019|

Congratulations to our sweepstakes winner Wyman Wong from Los Angeles! Congratulations to our sweepstakes winner Wyman Wong from Los Angeles! Over Cinco de Mayo weekend, he managed to sink an incredible 65-foot putt while enjoying his Stay & Play package! Wyman won our Stay & Play where he spent his weekend enjoying a package of golf and our private residence options tailored for comfort and quality. Interested in experiencing more of Wyman's stay? Take a look at our Stay & Play packages from a private historic estate, on course luxury home, full-service resort hotel, and homes in the community. We invite you to come and experience the serenity of Borrego and challenge of Rams Hill for a night, a week or a month. Options from a private historic estate, on course luxury home, full-service resort hotel, and homes in the community. [...]

5 05, 2019

The Effects of Traffic: Managing the Golf Course

2019-05-06T17:33:10+00:00May 5th, 2019|

By Jose Verduzco, Golf Course Superintendent Traffic on a golf course damages the turf. Read some facts below on the effects of traffic on the grass as well as some tips we personally use to prevent turf injury. Effects Wear: Plants are affected above the ground due to pressure, twisting, and turning as well as repeated and concentrated traffic. Root Growth: Root deterioration will not be noticeable until the summer months. Compacted soil means the soil is tighter and has less air space for roots to grow in. Soils that are compacted act like insulation meaning that when weather is favorable for roots to grow there is a delay on the actual soil temperature. Disease: Shallow/no roots equals a stressed plant. A stressed plant is more susceptible to disease. Thin Stand: Another effect of traffic on the turf is the thinning of grass stands, which creates [...]

11 03, 2019

Beat the Summer Weeds

2019-04-24T14:13:23+00:00March 11th, 2019|

By Jose Verduzco, Golf Course Superintendent As temperatures begin to rise, so does the probability of unwanted summer weeds emerging on your property. Make sure to inspect your lawn/yard as spring approaches for any signs of weed germination. A good way to tell if the weeds are coming in is to look around for blooms on other plants. If plants are budding, it's time to act. Use a pre-emergent herbicide to prevent this problem. Pre-emergent herbicides build a layer on the soil, preventing most of the unwanted broadleaf or grassy weeds from germinating. Treating the site on time can save the homeowner hours of pulling weeds. Ask your local hardware or horticulture store for products available in your area. Once you choose a product, make sure to read the label and apply as directed. Proper application can maximize your control on weeds and time by the pool [...]

6 02, 2019

4 Ways to Avoid Golf Traffic

2019-04-17T16:28:24+00:00February 6th, 2019|

By Jose Verduzco, Golf Course Superintendent Golfers, maintenance, and topography: all factors needed for a successful golf course. However, they're also great contributors when it comes to traffic damage on the course. The following are some tips from Rams Hill's maintenance department on how we can all help ease traffic patterns on the course: Follow traffic signs and stakes. The crew evaluates and strategically places traffic signs and other traffic direction tools on the golf course. Avoid entering/leaving the hole over a worn area. Always look for the healthiest part to drive on and off. Always scatter when playing in a group with multiple golf carts. Avoid driving/walking over heavy traffic areas on fairways, approaches, and greens. Maintaining these areas stress-free can prevent wear and tear on the turf. Keeping a nice consistent stance can improve those critical shots in a round of [...]

6 02, 2019

Super Bloom of 2019

2019-04-24T15:49:14+00:00February 6th, 2019|

According to state experts Jim Dion, Gina Moran, and Betsy Knaak, we may be expecting a floral flare-up of blooming flowers! Nearly two years ago, the Anza-Borrego State Park quickly became a California hotspot due to this incredible natural event. The possibility of arranging a media day is underway so visitors can plan ahead to see our blooming beauties. In related news, Rams Hill will host Valentine's Day dinner. Bring your significant other to a night filled with romance, gourmet food and unrivaled sunsets over the Santa Rosa Mountains.

27 01, 2019

How to Successfully Navigate Bunkers

2019-04-17T15:41:10+00:00January 27th, 2019|

By Jose Verduzco, Golf Course Superintendent Bunkers' main purpose serves to test the player's ability to play golf. Furthermore, it can be incredibly difficult to get a ball out of a bunker. However, it can be just as tricky to successfully navigate them and to know how to treat them after using them. Read our tips written by our golf experts on how to successfully navigate bunkers: Identify the lowest or closest entry spot to your golf ball. This will help with keeping the integrity of the bunker. Identifying a close and low spot will prevent you from leaving deeper footprints and thus disturbing areas in the bunker. Once a spot is located, walk in the bunker with the rake in hand. Drop the rake close to you and take your shot. Begin raking where your club made contact with sand and [...]