By Jose Verduzco, Golf Course Superintendent

Golfers, maintenance, and topography: all factors needed for a successful golf course. However, they’re also great contributors when it comes to traffic damage on the course. The following are some tips from Rams Hill’s maintenance department on how we can all help ease traffic patterns on the course:

  • Follow traffic signs and stakes. The crew evaluates and strategically places traffic signs and other traffic direction tools on the golf course.

  • Avoid entering/leaving the hole over a worn area. Always look for the healthiest part to drive on and off.

  • Always scatter when playing in a group with multiple golf carts.

  • Avoid driving/walking over heavy traffic areas on fairways, approaches, and greens. Maintaining these areas stress-free can prevent wear and tear on the turf. Keeping a nice consistent stance can improve those critical shots in a round of golf.