By Bob Gelesko, Head Golf Professional

“Chipping” is a popular term we use in golf that refers to a shot taken in proximity to the green. Once successfully hit, the ball is briefly shot into the air, lands on the green and rolls (hopefully) into the hole. The shots are useful when something lies in between you and the hole such as fringe that prevents you from putting.

If you want to improve chipping, read our suggestions below so you can navigate the green successfully.

Try chipping with different clubs from all around the green instead of the same spot to improve your chipping. Also, try the following when chipping around the green:

  • Use a putting grip (palms opposed)

  • Make sure when you start forward that your hands lead the stroke (the club head should not be ahead of your hands at impact)

  • Move closer to the ball for your setup so the shaft is more vertical.

  • When a chip requires more loft, move the ball forward in your stance.

  • When you want to hit a lower chip move the ball back in your stance.

  • Remember to keep your wrists firm through the chipping stroke using this chipping technique. You do not want to break your wrists when using this chipping method.

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